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1. What does the Transaction entail and what is going on?

  • - KCB Group PLC has completed the acquisition of a majority shareholding in Banque Populaire Du Rwanda PLC (BPR). This means that BPR is now part of KCB Group which completes the journey for BPR to be part of a successful regional bank thus enabling BPR to be the leading bank in Rwanda.

2. Who is KCB Group PLC?

  • - Group has presence in six countries and a representative office in Ethiopia. KCB Group’s growth strategy is premised on both organic and inorganic plans and continues to seek opportunities that increase shareholder’s value.
  • - KCB Group PLC is the leading financial services provider in East Africa Bank with total asset in excess of KES970billion (USD 9 billion) as at 31st March 2021.

3. Will BPR remain a community focused bank?

  • - The acquisition of BPR is a key strategic action for KCB Group as it enables KCB to become one of the leading banks in Rwanda
  • - KCB Group identified BPR as a bank that it could combine KCB Rwanda with, in order to build a bank with the long and deep history of BPR has along with the innovation and strength KCB brings in order to offer a compelling proposition to customers in Rwanda.
  • - Amongst many other capabilities that the combined bank will bring to the market, KCB will remain committed to financial inclusion as a key strategy to support the development of communities in Rwanda.

4. What will happen to the two entities and what will be the name of the new brand?

  • - KCB Group PLC, upon full integration, will operate in Rwanda as BPR Bank. In the interim both BPR and KCB Rwanda will continue to operate as separate entities..
  • - KCB Group has set up an Integration Committee that oversee the smooth integration of KCB Rwanda into BPR Bank

5. Will there be any changes to current products and services as well as pricing?

  • - There will be no immediate change in products and services. As part of the integration process, the products and services will be harmonized and will ensure customer benefit from the best offerings.
  • - Products and pricing shall remain as per the existing Tariff Guides, customer contracts and regulatory approvals.

6. Will there be any branch closures?

  • - Part of the work of the integration committee is to evaluate the suitability of the branch network, establish overlaps as well as location gaps and make suitable recommendations thereafter.

7. Will I be able to transact in any branch/agency/ATMs? What happens to my mobile/internet banking? What happens to my card?

  • - You will be able to continue using your current preferred channels to transact. Any changes on the current setups will be communicated beforehand.

8. What if I have accounts/facilities in both BPR and KCB Rwanda?

  • - Customer will have the option to retain the accounts/facilities as they are or explore options to amalgamate. The RMs/Branch Managers will provide guidance on how to do this.

9. Will my RM / Branch Manager change?

  • - There will be no immediate change in your RM / Branch Manager. As the integration process progresses, if there are any changes to your RM or Branch Manager, this will be communicated.

10. As a service provider, how will the acquisition affect me

  • - The Integration Committee is charged with harmonizing supplier and vendor contracts. In the meantime, the respective obligations in executing the existing contracts remain unchanged.

11. What will be the benefit for customers arising from the acquisition?

  • - Customer will see significant benefits arising from the acquisition and integration from both product offering and service delivery.
  • - KCB Group will undertake investments in technology infrastructure to enable new services and improve on service delivery.
  • - In addition, there will be full digitization of financial services and access to KCB Group balance sheet to syndicate large projects.


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