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Trade Finance

Bpr Bank facilitates local and cross-border trading through operations and liquidity financing, as well as mitigating risks inherent in trade. Choose from our range of Trade finance solutions based on your specific need.

  • Short-Term Financing

    Is your business in need of financing for a short-term project or the acquisition of an asset? Our loan products are designed with your needs in mind. 

  • Working Capital Loans

    Your business needs to be liquid to run its day-to-day processes. We are here to ensure that operations run smoothly so you can focus on providing the best service while growing your business.


    1. Flexibility in withdrawal

    The customer can draw money as needed from time to time if the overdraft limit is not exceeded.

    1. Low cost

    The cost of borrowing is low since interest is only charged on the overdrawn balance.

    1. Improved liquidity

    It improves the customers’ liquidity position, allowing the business to run smoothly.

  • Seasonal Loans

    Don’t be caught in a mess. If you have a business emergency or need to service a particular need, then this is the financial plan for you. With the great rates and quick approval, you will literally be saving time and money.


    1. Friendly terms

    Pay back the loan flexibly over a period of 6 months.

    1. Quick approval

    Enjoy a quicker approval and disbursement process for your loan and have your cash almost instantly.

  • Long Term Financing

    Embark on a long-term project with the assurance that we have your back. This product is built to help you scale up by allowing you to take up a business mortgage or finance projects that will build your company.

  • Project Financing

    Choose financing with great terms. We offer you long term loans for your projects or acquisition of infrastructure based on your projections. It doesn’t get any better than that.


    1. Allows you to run your project

    It gives you the ability to get financing that is not tied to the project sponsor’s ability.

    1. Tailored to project

    Get a loan that is structured and driven by the specific characteristics of each project.

  • Corporate Financing

    Through our resources, we are well placed to ensure that our corporate and institutional customers meet their financial and capital raising needs. Go Ahead with us.

  • Syndicated Term Loans

    Looking for long-term financing for a large project? A syndicated term loan is the best bet. Being a curation of various lenders, it works perfectly for both parties, allowing for diversification of credit risk for the bank and the full funding for the customer.

  • Corporate Bonds

    Through investing in bonds, you can raise funds for your short to medium term projects. With our expertise, we enable our clients to obtain financing for long-term projects and large ticket expenditure programs.


    1. Improved returns on project

    By lowering the cost of funds, you will obtain a fixed or floating rate pricing from the market, thus improving the total return from your project.

    1. Enjoy a fixed rate

    Obtain fixed rate pricing from the bond market and thus lock-in your funding costs for the duration of the borrowing period.

  • Insurance Premium Finance

    This product enables clients to pay their premiums over time by reducing the financial strain of lumpsum premium payments. It covers assets such as houses, cars, trucks, medical insurance, office equipment, stock and more.


    1. Immediate insurance cover

    Upon upfront first installment, BPR releases the total premium to the insurance company facilitating immediate insurance cover to the client.

    1. Easy subsequent payments

    Subsequent installments are paid monthly in advance through debiting customer’s current account

    1. Insurance company acts as guarantor

    The insurance company act as a guarantor in the event the client fails to honor their obligations.

    1. Easy application process

    Enjoy and easy application process that takes only 48 hours

    1. Reduced pressure on working capital

    Customers can enjoy relief from their working capital due to financing offered.

    1. Flexible repayment terms

    Repayment is friendly with amount spread out to a maximum of 10 installments

    1. Early settlement options available

    The option to settle the loan before specified repayment period is available.

    1. Option in underwriters

    Customer can choose from a wide range of underwriters available.

    1. Flexible insurance products

    Select from a wide range of insurance products available.

    1. Competitive interest rates

    Customers get to benefit from the competitive interest rates offered by the bank


    What we need from you

    • Tripartite Agreement to be signed by all three parties
    • ID/TIN certificate of each individual and director
    • Memo & Articles of Association of the company
    • Certificate of Incorporation or Registration
  • Operating Lease

    Are you a business owner who wishes to lease assets for use rather than owning them? Then this product is ideal for you.


    1. Lessor owns the asset

    The asset is in full ownership of the lessor, or business owner.

    1. Includes interest, capital and VAT

    Interest, capital and VAT are included in the lease charges.

    1. VAT terms

    The client will claim VAT input credits based on the lessor’s invoice according to normal VAT rules.

    1. Has Residual Value (RV)

    RV is between 15% and 30% depending on asset, with a guaranteed RPU (Repurchase Agreement) with the supplier or third party.

    Note: Leasing terms and conditions may vary, depending on specific statutory regulations.

  • Finance Lease

    We have collaborated with dealer partners to ensure that our corporate clients enjoy the best rates during acquisition and leasing of fleets.


    1. Get full financing

    Customers can enjoy full financing of the required amount for the lease

    1. Lessor owns the asset.

    The asset is in full ownership of the lessor, or business owner.

    1. Lessee benefits

    The lessee enjoys income tax deduction for wear and tear of the asset

    1. VAT terms

    The client gets to claim VAT input credits based on the financier’s invoice according to normal VAT rules. VAT is charged on each lease rental.

  • Letters Of Credit

    Letters of Credit help reduce the various risks that come with local and international trade. We support you by guaranteeing payment to your supplier after specified terms are met.


    1. Guaranteed payment

    Payment is guaranteed by the issuing bank to the confirming bank, if compliant documents are presented.

    1. Reduced risks

    Risks usually encountered by the buyer are mitigated.

    1. Allows multiple shipments

    Allows for multiple shipments if quality of products and price are guaranteed by an independent pre-shipment inspection company.

    1. Access to other credit facilities

    Allows access to other products such as Pre-shipment Finance and Structured Finance

    1. Timely delivery

    Ensures that delivery and payment is completed within schedule

  • Pre-Shipment Financing

    This short-term offer is primarily offered to exporters. We help finance your products and base your repayments on your export proceeds or funds owed by your buyers.


    1. Provides working capital

    Helps to generate additional working capital to enable the client meet production demands

    1. Flexible security requirements

    Security requirements to take up this loan are dependent on amount.

    1. Allows for large consignments

    It facilitates the taking of very large orders

    1. Affordable rates

    Offers affordable rates compared to other borrowing facilities

    1. Revolving basis

    Accommodates re-borrowing after a specified period of time.

  • Post Import Financing

    Sometimes your payments to your suppliers fall due before you are paid by your customers. With the Post-Import Finance Facility, BPR BANK will bridge the financing gap and give you flexibility with additional time on your credit.


    1. Extended credit period

    Clients enjoy an undisclosed extended credit period, allowing for better rates negotiation with the seller.

    1. Low rates

    Enjoy lower lending rate (LIBOR, plus a small margin)

    1. Offsets LC bills

    Importers can pay the LC bills as they fall due instead of debiting the current account.

    1. Low fees

    It is ideal to use when client account is not in credit balance as the fees charged are much lower than the O/D.

  • LPO Financing

    When you receive an order from a known buyer but are unable to finance it from your own resources, BPR BANK will offer you LPO Financing to enable you to fulfil the order.


    1. Up to70% financing

    Get financing of up to 70% of cost of items to be supplied.

    1. Flexible security requirement

    Security requirements to take up this loan are dependent on amount.

    1. Low interest rate

    Enjoy low interest rates on your loan

    1. Quick approval process

    Enjoy a quick approval process for your loan

    1. 90 days or less payment disbursement

    Disbursement takes a maximum period of 90 days depending on the terms of the LPO

  • Guarantees/Bonds - (Bid/Performance/Transit Bonds)

    When you sign a business contract and need a guarantor, we step in on your behalf to reduce the risk of non-payment or non-performance. BPR Band Guarantees are accepted both locally and internationally.


    1. Increase in liquidity

    Client obtains credit hence increasing their level of liquidity

    1. Immediate compensation

    In case the customer defaults on payment, the beneficiary gets immediate compensation

  • Bills/Invoice Discounting

    Don’t stall your project due to any unreceived payments. Our working capital loan facility allows you to stay liquid pending any receipts or collection of payment for work already invoiced. This facility offers the benefit of managing working capital and cash flow requirements for the contractor such as wages, salaries and other supplier payments pending collections.


    1. Immediate access to funds

    Immediate access to the proceeds of sales regardless of unreceived payment from customers

    1. Simple process

    Enjoy a simple application process for this credit facility

    1. Simple security requirements

    Enjoy additional working capital with simplified security requirements

  • Commodity Financing

    This loan is extended to producers of products who do not have access to Balance Sheet Lending. The producer obtains liquidity by leveraging his inventories before the goods are sold in the market.


    1. Immediate access to funds

    Immediate access to the proceeds of sales regardless of unreceived payment from customers

    1. Simple application process

    Enjoy a simple application process for this credit facility

    1. Simple security requirements

    Enjoy additional working capital with simplified security requirements

  • Documentary Collections

    We enable the importation and exportation of goods by handling the documents presented in the required order. This could be cash against documents, acceptance documents and/or the banks guarantee.


    1. Low bank charges

    Enjoy lower bank charges compared to LCs

    1. Short processing time

    Enjoy short processing periods and speedy payments

    1. Assured payment

    With the required documents, the importer enjoys a period of credit while assuring the exporter of payments

    1. Flexible bill settlement

    The drawee has flexibility on settlement of bills (especially for documents against acceptance)

    1. No impact on customer’s credit lines

    It bears no impact on the customer’s credit lines

  • Structured Trade Finance (STF)

    This loan facilitates cross-border trade, where instead of standard security, the goal is to get repaid by the liquidation of a flow of commodities.


    1. Access to financing

    Gain access to financing where no other financing is in place

    1. Financing matched with trade cycle

    The financing is corresponded with the producer’s production and trade cycle

    1. Low debt to equity

    It operates on off balance sheet financing, keeping debt to equity low.

    1. Producer benefits from his record of accomplishment

    Allows producer to benefit from his track record in a reduced risk environment

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