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Long Term Financing

  • Business Investment Financing

    Looking to make a business investment? Get financing to facilitate your plans for expansion or diversification of existing operations, or acquisition of business assets or another business.



    1. Flexible repayment

     Enjoy a flexible tenor that lets you pay back comfortably between 1 to 7 years

  • Off Balance Sheet Financing

  • Bank Guarantees

    Payment Guarantee

    • This is an undertaking by the bank to make a payment on behalf of a customer to support a bid for tender
    • There needs to be an assurance of repayment of advance payments made to a customer for the performance of a contract
    • It guarantees the payment of an amount at a deferred date.


    Performance Bonds

    • This is financing provided by the bank to guarantee the performance and completion of a contract by the customer.
  • Insurance Premium Financing (IPF)

    Stay on top of your insurance premium payments with this credit facility that allows you to make comfortable repayments over an extended period of time.

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