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Asset Based Financing

  • Asset Based Financing

    We are your productivity partner. If your business is one that requires movable assets to operate, then this is the perfect product for you. We’ll help you purchase motor vehicles such as trucks, heavy commercial vehicles and school buses, as well as plant machinery, agricultural, medical and construction equipment, among others.


    1. Purchase new or used assets

    Acquire both new and used assets such as motor vehicles and earth moving equipment

    1. Acquire production equipment

    Get financing for Agricultural, Construction, Medical, Hospitality and IT equipment for your business

    1. Friendly rates

    Enjoy competitive rates for both local and international currencies

    1. Flexible terms

    The financing terms are flexible, with payment periods of up to 72 months

    1. Insurance benefits

    Get insurance for your assets, packaged as part of the plan

    1. Bundled products

    Access Insurance Premium Financing and tracking costs

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