Senior Manager, Retail Sales

Job Purpose:

Responsible for the development and implementation of strategies to deliver superior sales performance in direct sales and branch models for all units.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Develop sales strategies for specific product channels, customer segments, and regional segments.
  • Formulating sales-related business strategy primarily for secured/unsecured personal banking lending and liability drive.
  • Develop and grow multiple aggressive sales units for all products.
  • Responsible for managing opportunity and risk associated with direct sales unit. Develop, roll out, maintain, and where applicable recommend procedures and controls that meet/strengthen the requirements of KCB Group policy, standards, and country laws and regulations.
  • Build an organizational and management team capable of delivering distinctive sales performance.
  • To drive, motivate, and inspire sales managers, business, and personal banking teams to achieve their planned sales activities.
  • Ensure adequate control on payment of incentives/commissions to the bank’s sales team unit.
  • Build adequate processes in the sales function and structure to prevent mis-selling, misrepresentation, and fraud and adhere to the bank’s procedures and ethics policy.
  • Initiate and conduct Bank DST monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews.
  • Be part of the review and evaluation of retail banking product proposition with a view to making improvements.
  • Planning, directing, and management of sales activities across retail banking units in Rwanda.
  • Ensure that the Bank’s retail banking credit rules, policies, and requirements are friendly to the customers but also take a cohesive and consistent sales approach for retail banking units.

Educational qualifications and work experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, MBA.
  • 6 years of experience in sales
  • 3 years of experience in credit and banking operations
  • 1 year of experience in product development.
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