Information Systems (IS) Auditor

Job Purpose:

To give objective and independent assurance to management that the Information systems in place are appropriate, well utilized, reliable, and secure while giving commensurate recommendations on areas of improvement.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Be part of the Audit Team in performing Information Systems audits, both technical and end-user across BPR Bank Rwanda in line with Internal Audit Methodology, processes, procedures, and timeframes.
  • Giving an assurance that access to electronically stored corporate information is adequately protected and managed appropriately to the risks.
  • Identify and analyze the level of threat and potential risk to the bank’s I.S. assets.
  • Test adequacy and effectiveness of systems controls,
  • Recommend corrective measures to be undertaken in areas of weaknesses.
  • Make maximum use of Computer Assisted Audit Tools e.g., Teammate, IDEA, or any other automation tool used by the Audit department.
  • Performance of special Audits as and when called upon.

Educational qualifications and work experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology or related field
  • Professional Qualifications: Network infrastructure security, data science, Phyton courses
  • 2+ years of experience in Information Technology
  • 1+year of experience in general audit
  • 1+year of experience in data science
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