About BPR

Since its establishment in 1975, BPR, known as the neighborhood bank, has been offering quality financial services and is now the bank with the largest network in Rwanda. In line with its strategy for expansion and enhance financial inclusion across regions, KCB has acquired BPR.

Their combined synergies and collated strengths have created a robust entity that will generate significant value for its customers and key stakeholders. The partnership has given way for a strong capital and liquidity position for the bank and access to innovative products and services for customers.

Our Mission

To build profitable, lifelong customer relationships through the provision of a wide range of innovative financial products and services, to the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Our Vision

To become the best bank in Rwanda and the only true universal bank which is trusted as a bank of choice for its Retail, SME, corporate and under banked customers.

Our aspirations

For People. For Better.

Our purpose is why we exist.

It’s about working every day for our customers, for our colleagues and for everyone in the communities we serve. We need to have the drive and ambition to make things better, improving our organization each and every day.

Our Values


To be Closer is to get to know the people you work with and the customers you serve beyond being just a colleague or a customer. It’s about valuing the human being.

  • In touch with our customers.
  • Looking out for our colleagues.
  • Proactive, enhancing their lives.


To be Connected is to realize we are all part of one team, with one purpose. It’s about breaking down silos and gaining inspiration about best-practice from other sectors.

  • In touch with our customers.
  • Looking out for our colleagues.
  • Proactive, enhancing their lives.


To be Courageous is to challenge the way things are done today in a constructive way. It’s about finding ways to do things differently and sharing ideas to make things better.

  • Going beyond the status quo.
  • Acting with purpose and direction.
  • The head and the heart guide us.

Our Behaviours

To behave in a closer way is to:

  • Get to know your customers and the people you work with personally.
  • Anticipate internal and external customers’ needs and be proactive in providing support.

To behave in a connected way is to:

  • Act as one team; one KCB Group.
  • Get inspired by other industries’ innovations and look for ways to apply these to KCB Group.

To behave in a courageous way is to:

  • Challenge the way things are done in a constructive way.
  • Share ideas to make things better.
  • Be passionate.

Our service maxim

We are at our PEAK while serving our customers: Proactive, Energetic, Approachable and Knowledgeable.

Our History

In 1975, in Nkamba village, Eastern Province, a group of ordinary Rwandans had an extraordinary dream: access to finance for better livelihoods. From this desire to improve living conditions through economic empowerment, the first, Bank Populaire came into being.

"Banques Populaires" became the foundation for numerous community-based savings and credit institutions in Rwanda. Their growth led to the formation of "Union des Banques Populaires du Rwanda (UBPR), an umbrella institution which transformed into a fully fledged commercial bank in 2008.

Suitably dubbed the neighbourhood bank, BPRhas grown to become the bank with the widest network in Rwanda, providing financial services to the most remote parts of the country.

In keeping with its endeavor to drive financial inclusion and provide revolutionary financial services in Eastern Africa, the KCB Group acquired BPR from Atlas Mara Mauritius Ltd. By merging KCB Bank Rwanda and BPR, customers will have access to a larger network of branches and agents across the country.

Our Awards

Best Bank in Rwanda, 2017-Banker Africa Awards

BPR was awarded the Best Bank in Rwanda 2017, in the Banker Africa Awards for the East African region. The awards are organized annually by the CPI Financial publication, which publishes the Banker Africa Magazine, widely regarded as the leader in promoting excellence in Africa’s banking services through its in-depth coverage of the continent’s financial services sector.